Hand PUMPING the Highest Volume

A hand crank pump that creates a full vacuum.
Pump down to a dry surface quickly without loosing prime!

"Pump 105 to 135 Gallons (398 to 511 Liters) per minute by hand"

When you order!

Due to the weight of our products it is best to order each item separately to enable easy handling of the products.   Each product is packaged and shipped separately.
Note: Anything beyond hand pumping including power drives, see www.windtrans.ca

Pumping high volume by hand!

Two Men hand cranking

Zelda HVLS Pump with 4" inlet and outlet

Self-Prime and Lift

4 inch column of water - Lifting +12 feet at low rpm in seconds

No other pump is like it!

Hand pumping high volume, self-priming, low rpm, vacuum by hand!

Pump out a basment to a dry floor!

A pump that will not loose prime!